New Relic offers industry's first on-demand, hourly billing option

Today, as part of RPM Version 2, we’ve introduced an On-Demand Billing option that provides a whole new level of flexibility when using RPM.

With the On-Demand plan, you pay only for the actual hours your hosts are connected to the RPM application management service. If your organization is deploying applications in dynamic environments where there is high variability in the host count, this option could have significant cost-saving benefits.

Bernd Harzog, noted industry expert and principle analyst at The Virtualization Practice, commented today that “With its SaaS solution, New Relic pioneered a completely new approach to application-centric performance management. Their innovation continues with the introduction of on-demand billing. This model can provide tremendous benefits to companies deploying applications in highly dynamic computing environments, whether in a cloud or in physical data centers. The time has come for this level of flexibility, which very clearly reflects the realities of how organizations are using computing resources today.”

Why are we making this new option available? We believe that on-demand billing is the way all IT software will be licensed in the future. The current IT purchasing process–with long-term contracts, months of negotiating, annual maintenance fees, and haggling over seat licenses–is incredibly inefficient and costly, both in terms of dollars and time. With this new model we are creating a way of doing business that is refreshingly open – transparent pricing and discounting, no hidden fees, and a pay-for-what-you-use model.

Of course, in addition to our on-demand billing, you still have the option of selecting our existing Annual and Monthly plans, which allow you to pay for a specific number of managed hosts each month.

Find out more about RPM subscription plans.

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