Put Your Retina Display to Work With The New Relic iPad App

Earlier this year, we announced our iPhone application: New Relic for iPhone, which was very well-received by our users. We’ve had over 20,000 downloads and now send almost 200,000 push notifications everyday. We’ve also pushed multiple updates based on some great feedback from our users. Today, we are thrilled to take that experience to the next level with our newest addition to the iOS App family – The New Relic iPad App!

New Relic for iPad is a native application designed for the iPad and its additional screen real-estate. Just like the iPhone you can continue to get real-time updates for everything you track in New Relic. We’ve also added some cool new features exclusive to the iPad that we think will make your experience using New Relic even better.

Everything On One Screen

Web & mobile applications, servers, key transactions, platform plugins – sometimes you just want to see everything, all at once and get a quick status snapshot – that’s why we introduced the ‘All-In’ view.

The All-In view puts everything that New Relic monitors for you on one beautifully and intuitively tiled dashboard display, while still allowing you to filter by specific applications, key transactions or plugins. Anything in a warning or critical state floats to the top, so in one glimpse you know the health of your entire stack.


The cool thing with the All-In view is that you can choose how much data you want to display – just the status color? Just the main metric? More metrics? Zoom in and out to change the amount of information being displayed.


Kiosk Mode
If you see this icon kiosk_icon, it means you can activate the kiosk mode. The kiosk mode is a way to hide the UI and display only the core information that you need, as well as enable auto-refresh. Just activate it and set your iPad anywhere – it will auto-refresh the data regularly, and alert you if something happens that needs your attention. Turn your iPad into an instant status dashboard where ever you may be.



Many of our users track hundreds of things in their New Relic account. Now there is an easy way for you or your team to track the status of just the things you care about. Press and hold on any tile, and voila, you’ve now marked that as a favorite. Favorites float to the top of any view they are in no matter what its status, and show up in the favorites tab. Cool, huh? 🙂


Easy Access To Historical Data

Let’s say you’re looking at a chart in a 30-minute time window, but you want to quickly see the previous 30 minutes or maybe something in between. What’s more natural than scrolling back in time, right? That’s right – to go back in time, all you have to do is scroll!

We added more cool interactions to our charts as well – you can now hide any unwanted metrics that might be cluttering your charts, and look at just the important ones. All you have to do is long press an item name (like App Server Apdex, Web Application, Request Queuing, etc.) and it will show you just that particular metric and hide everything else.

These are just a few of the amazing features in our latest and greatest iPad app. Download the app today to see more!


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