This week at Dreamforce, Salesforce’s user conference in San Francisco, New Relic is thrilled to announce the New Relic Live App as part of the launch of the Quip Collaboration Platform, designed to enable teams to collaborate faster and more interactively within a single Quip document.

Quip Live Apps embed applications with a simple “@” mention anywhere within a Quip document and offer relevant, real-time data and content for any project. Live Apps range from Salesforce-developed Live Apps to ones created by customers, developers, and partners. You can find out more about the Quip Collaboration Platform on the Quip site.

Meet the New Relic Live App

The New Relic Live App, available in the first half of 2018, is built to enable teams to use Quip as a virtual “situation room,” combining real-time app performance metrics with sales, customer service, marketing, and additional data sources from other Live Apps.

To be competitive in the software-driven era, organizations have to move fast without sacrificing the customer experience of their web and mobile apps. In order to gain the confidence required to break free of the testing and QA cycles that slowed traditional waterfall software-development approaches, enterprises must develop a service-quality culture that includes real-time visualizations of the performance of their digital properties. That is increasingly difficult because modern cross-functional teams—not to mention the performance data they need to make informed business decisions—are now often geographically dispersed.

The New Relic Live App helps software teams and their business partners across the company view and collaborate over real-time digital-performance dashboards. Any dashboard created with New Relic Insights can be easily displayed within a Quip document from a pick list. The dashboard metrics and analytics are updated in real time and can be customized from the Live App, so people using the Quip document have access to the latest data to make informed business decisions. The Live App offers links back to New Relic for deeper investigation or to modify the dashboard.

new relic live app screenshot

With the New Relic Live App, individuals can view real-time dashboards and also collaborate, chat, and assign tasks to their colleagues from within Quip. [click to enlarge]

Digital moments of truth

The launch of the Quip Collaboration Platform comes at an important time for New Relic customers facing their “digital moment of truth.” To deal with everything from fantasy football contests to healthcare open enrollment and the upcoming holiday shopping season (including Black Friday and Cyber Monday), teams from across the company—not just from engineering and operations—are turning to New Relic to help ensure they deliver on their customers’ expectations.

The stakes are high. Today’s consumers have so many alternatives to find that perfect gift online at the best price that a few seconds delay along the path-to-purchase can mean a lost sale.

Many leading retailers’ physical “situation rooms” are already lined with monitors running New Relic dashboards, and the New Relic Live App can make it easier for different business functions and geographically dispersed teams to work together to understand their e-commerce stack performance, harden landing pages ahead of a promotional email blast, or analyze how the online shopping experience is impacting conversions and the business overall.

quip mobile display

Quip was built mobile-first, so you can collaborate with colleagues anytime, anywhere with the New Relic Live App.

The combination of the Quip Collaboration Platform and the New Relic Live App offers endless possibilities for fast-moving, agile software-driven organizations. We can’t wait to hear the stories from your virtual situation room.


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