New Relic Launches PHP Agent 3.0 — Includes Support for Apps in Shared Hosting Environments

Give me a “P“!  Give me an “H“!  Give me another “P“!  What’s that spell?

Why cheer for PHP? Because New Relic just launched the latest update to our PHP agent (version 3.0 for those keeping track at home). You might be asking yourself, didn’t New Relic just launch a major new feature called Key Transactions and a beautifully redesigned UI just last week? And now this, what are you guys crazy?

No, we’re not crazy but thank you. We just love to SHIP new goodies to our customers as often as we can! That’s why we built New Relic as a SaaS solution, so we can innovate continuously and deliver new capabilities to our 30,000+ wonderful customers (you) as frequently as possible!

OK, enough chit chat. Here’s a brief overview of what’s changed with the New Relic PHP 3.0 Agent, links to more details included:

* Multi-tenancy support: New Relic licenses are now defined in the agent (not the daemon) and can be set on a per-directory or per-virtual host basis.  If you’re running in a shared hosted environment – you can now use New Relic!

* New API functions let you start and stop transactions at any point. This is super useful for monitoring command line service job queues as a single transaction in New Relic. This was a frequent request from customers, so yes we listened!

* The New Relic daemon can now be started externally by a startup script (external startup mode) or automatically by the New Relic agent (agent startup mode).

* Less is more and the New Relic agent uses even less memory than it did before!  Mileage varies but you can expect New Relic monitored PHP apps to use less than 5% of additional memory than your app would without New Relic. If you’re not sure if that’s good — it is very, very, very good!

There’s more to know about this updated agent than can be covered in a blog post. So, here are links to some documentation that we think you’ll find useful:

* Release Notes
* PHP Agent Upgrade Instructions
* Daemon Startup Instructions, Discussion & Recommendations

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