New Relic Joins Apdex Alliance

ApdexHave you ever had the business people where you work say things like
“Our users are complaining that the app is slow.”
“What do you mean slow?” you ask.
“You know, like slow, or slower than before” they answer.

Or maybe something like:
“Our customers are all complaining that the app seems slower since you did the upgrade.”
“What did customers say, when?” you ask.
“Uhhh. I dont know, you know, they just said it was slow.”

What we have here is a failure to communicate. And a failure to set criteria and measure performance.

Application Performance Index (Apdex) is an open standard specification for measuring and communicating how well your applications are satisfying user exepectations for transaction response time. It is a single-digit score which enables you to evaluate how well your app is performing and meeting user expectations for response time. The Apdex Alliance is a group of companies collaborating to promote Apdex.


New Relic joined the Apdex Alliance to bring more awareness of this unique and valuable metric to the Rails community.

With an Apdex score you can:
– Have a single metric for scoring the user satisfaction with your application’s performance.
– Comunicate with the business people within your company.
– Identify which applications, or even which transactions, need performance improvement.

There are several ways you can learn more about Apdex. First, there are FAQ’s and the specification documentation at the Apdex site. Second, I found an interesting slide deck on Network World site which simplifies Apdex, sort of an “Apdex 101” kind of thing. That’s a good place to begin.

Look for more Apdex info from New Relic in the future.'

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