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I love data.  I really, really do.  It seems weird to admit that publicly, but I’m betting you love it too.  I truly believe we are all data nerds.

There is a data problem though…

What I don’t love – is getting data. It’s a serious pain in the you-know-what.  I actually know a little SQL – so if I had a login to the database – I could run my own queries.  Of course, I’d probably bring the entire database down with a bad query and that’s precisely why I don’t access it. So, I have to ask someone else to get the data for me (usually a developer).  Generally, they aren’t necessarily ecstatic when I ask them.  And for good reason – their job isn’t to run ad-hoc queries on my behalf.  They’re also super busy, so it usually takes longer for me to get the data than I’d like (see our infographic showcasing what a ‘simple data request’ usually looks like).

The result? I don’t ask for the data I need most of the time because it’s just too darn difficult.  It makes me less data-driven than I want to be. In turn, I’m probably not as good at my job as I could be if I had all the data I needed.

That all changes today…

New Relic Insights launched in beta today!  It is the latest addition to our suite of Software Analytics products. And it literally solves my data problems.  I’m so happy!! And you will be too, whether you’re a data asker or a data provider.

This product solves my our data problem because:

It is HUGE: In the past month, we’ve collected over 1 TRILLION events directly from our customers live production software and stored them in our cloud-hosted event database

It is FAST: You can literally query 100s of millions of events in milliseconds

It is BEAUTIFUL: It automatically creates beautiful data visualizations with every query

It is EASY: In typical New Relic fashion, it has been finely tuned to offer our customers an amazing user experience

How do we do it?

First off, we collect data directly from your live production software using the New Relic agents you probably already have installed.  We automatically collect performance and usage data out of the box. In fact, if you’ve got our agents installed, we’re collecting this data for you right now.  Collecting additional types of data is dead simple – you just add custom attributes to your software.  A custom attribute is one new line of code per attribute to your app that instructs the New Relic agent to send that data to New Relic Insights.  If you know anything about the cost & complexity of ETL – we just eliminated that completely.


Your data is stored in the New Relic Insights event database.  We built this database from scratch to handle real-time analytics at scale.  It is a cloud-hosted schemaless database that requires zero indexes, stores trillions of events and delivers query results (aka answers) in milliseconds. We built a super-cluster, so you don’t have to.  And it is super big and super fast.


You query the database using the New Relic Query Language (NRQL), which is a SQL-like language for easy access to all of your big data. The language auto-completes everything, so learning it is easy. You don’t even need to know the types of data you can query – we show you the available events and attributes as you type.


Finally, every query automatically presents results in data visualization widgets that just make sense based on the type of query you wrote.  There are really cool widgets like billboards, histograms, pie charts, timeseries charts, and more. You can save your queries and their visualizations to dashboards so you can share with your team.

How do you use it?

There are a ton of uses for New Relic Insights. Frankly, how you use it depends on your job (are you the data asker or the data provider) and what types of questions you need answered. Here are just a few brief examples:

The Launch

Last week, your company launched a new feature and now you want to know who’s using it and who’s not. You want understand why certain customers aren’t using the feature, and how you can best partner with your customer success or sales teams to get customers on board. You want to know if the new feature is fast or slow and if that is impacting adoption. Is there any correlation in feature adoption and demographic information like gender, age or geographic location?

New Relic Insights can answer all of those questions and more, in less than 5 minutes (including the time it takes you to write your NRQL statemets).

The Sales Deal

One of your favorite sales reps swings by your desk to ask for a quick favor.  She’s got a prospect in the middle of a free trial and if all goes well it will be the biggest deal in the quarter. The rep doesn’t want to leave things up to chance and wants continuous updates about how the trial is going. She asks for a daily report that shows how many users are logging in and how long they’re using the product. The rep wants to know which users are logging in and whether they’re using the killer features. Plus she wants some information about each user’s experience with the product: has it been slow, are there lots of errors, and who is having a bad experience?

With New Relic Insights, you can answer all of those questions and create a real-time dashboard, in less than 10 minutes (including the time it takes you to write your NRQL statements).

Read more about New Relic Insights and various use cases here


We all love data. Now, with New Relic Insights we all have more of what we love! We get to collect, store and interact with more data at query speeds we’ve never experienced before.

New Relic Insights is currently in beta and available to New Relic’s paying customers.  New Relic Insights Beta provides 7 days of data for free for a limited time during the beta.

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Visit to watch a video of how the product works, learn more about the underlying technology, and to see how you can get the most out of New Relic Insights.

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