Using New Relic Insights to Analyze the New Relic Insights Webinar

We love webinars here at New Relic. Whether we’re attending someone else’s or hosting our own, we’ve found it to be a great platform for sharing and receiving information. Aside from our weekly “Getting Started with New Relic” webinars, we’ll typically schedule a few webinars surrounding major product or feature releases. The combination of a product deep dive along with a live question-and-answer session has proven to be a successful tool for attendees, as well as us here at New Relic. However, one might ask – exactly how successful?

Measuring webinar success the old way

Since we love data even more than we love webinars, we typically rely on the data our webinar tool provides out of the box to measure success. Metrics such as…

  1. How many people opened the webinar invitation?
  2. How many people registered for the webinar?
  3. How many people attended and remained engaged?
  4. How many questions were asked (and answered?)

We’d then add some demographic and segmentation data to these metrics, and – voila – we could confidently report if a webinar was well received or not… kind of.

What we were actually reporting on was how engaging our presentation was, answering questions like: Did people like the title enough to register? Did they like the content enough to stay on the call the entire hour? Was it all compelling enough to ask more questions? This is all great stuff to report on, but none of it told us how attendees were engaging with our product.

Ultimately, what we really needed to know was: Was the content compelling enough to drive users to try out what they learned immediately?

Measuring webinar success the New [Relic Insights] way

Last week we hosted a live webinar introducing our latest product, New Relic Insights, a lightning fast, new product that lets you ask your software questions and get real-time answers. While we were delivering this webinar, we thought, “We should be using this exact product we are demoing to ask our software how this webinar is impacting customer engagement with this product!” (Talk about inception).

So we began to ask questions like:

    • How many unique users were using New Relic Insights during the webinar (from 11am – 12pm)?
    • What does that sample look like as a time series so I can compare that to non-webinar hours?
    • How many people signed up for the beta during the webinar?
    • How many dashboards were people creating or how many queries were they running?

Check out the dashboard we built to monitor all of this, and notice the spikes around 12pm…


We could visualize, in real time, how customers were taking what we were demoing in our webinar and applying it immediately. This was the exact kind of insights our marketing team was interested in (in addition to how many people signed up and attended).

As I said before, we love webinars, and data, so what better way to demonstrate that love than to deliver a webinar about a new product and use that new product to analyze our webinar!

If you’re curious to learn what all Insights can teach you about your business, check out

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