Get More Analysis: Introducing a New Class of Integrations for New Relic Insights


Things work better when they work well together.

This truism has guided my professional work for years – first as the co-founder of an integration-centric CRM, and for the last 2 years as a public face on New Relic’s Platform team. Today I’m thrilled to share with you a whole new class of New Relic integrations; those based on the powerful New Relic Insights API.

Insights was built to be extended – while the default attributes and event types let you do some interesting analysis, Insights gets much more valuable when you add custom attributes, add custom events, and incorporate Insights into your app and business via APIs. Here are four awesome examples of Insights integrations.


Zapier is an easy-to-use integration platform – it lets non-programmers quickly configure connections between over 250 mostly SaaS applications. Currently, Zapier supports posting custom events to your New Relic Insights account when various things happen in other applications. Some examples include:


Once your Salesforce leads or Zendesk tickets are in Insights, you can quickly run queries and create visualizations like these:

SELECT count(*) FROM salesforce_lead_all_fields SINCE 30 hours ago TIMESERIES


SELECT count(*) FROM salesforce_lead_all_fields FACET Company_Size__c TIMESERIES  SINCE 30 hours ago

Insights__NR_Leads-1 SELECT count(*) FROM `zendesk ticket all fields` SINCE 6 hours ago TIMESERIES hour Insights__NR_Support_Tickets SELECT count(*) FROM `zendesk ticket all fields`  FACET product SINCE 6 hours ago TIMESERIES hour

Stay tuned for upcoming improvements to Insights support in Zapier – someday you’ll be able to power your Zaps with custom NRQL queries!

Bonus points: You can actually do this today with Zapier’s Webhook feature, but it takes some configuring. Please let us know what you’d like to do with NRQL queries in Zapier – or what helpful Zaps you create with New Relic Insights’ existing Custom Event action – by joining the conversation in our new discussion forum.


Ducksboard displays New Relic Insights query results alongside elegant visualizations of Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Github, Pingdom, and countless other sources of business data. Ducksboard supports many of the same display widgets as Insights, plus some variants – like a bar chart:


And a Leaderboard with trending:

(Values blurred to protect the innocent)

I personally love how quick and easy it is to create a big-screen ready, live-updating dashboard displaying metrics from all of my business systems, now including New Relic Insights.

Runscope Radar

I’ve been a big fan of Runscope for some time – John Sheehan and his clever colleagues offer uniquely useful tools for developers of modern applications.

When I showed Insights to John a few weeks ago, he emailed me a day later with a fully-functional integration: API test results, as generated by Runscope Radar, inserted to Insights for storage and analysis.

In a bout of recursiveness, and in just a few minutes, I created two Runscope Radar tests to exercise Insights’ insert and query API endpoints automatically every minute, and I created a dashboard to visualize my API performance in Insights, with charts like this:

SELECT percentile(response_time_ms, 5, 50, 95) FROM RunscopeRadarTestRequest TIMESERIES since 1 day ago WHERE test_name = 'Insights Insert'



Eric Peterson at Tableau Software was one of Insights very first private beta users – and Tableau’s marketing website is built on Drupal. As Eric explored Insights to learn more about their website visitor behavior and their Drupal app performance, he discovered they needed more details – so he created a Drupal module for New Relic Insights

This module currently does two primary things, though it is under active development, and Eric welcomes contributions from the community, so by the time you read this it might do more!

First, it decorates your Transactions in Insights with custom parameters. Second, it adds Watchdog runs as custom events in Insights. Do you run Drupal and New Relic’s PHP app monitoring? Please try the Drupal module and let us know what you think.

Ready… Set… Integrate!

Above are the first four New Relic Insights integrations that I know of – maybe you’ll create number five? To learn more about integrating with Insights:

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