Introducing Java Agent support for WildFly 8


We are excited to announce Java Agent support for WildFly 8, the new and improved JBoss Application Server. WildFly 8 is Java EE 7 certified, includes a high performance web server, and pulls together a wide array of open source projects such as Hibernate, Apache CXF, and HornetQ.

Getting Started

If you don’t have one already, create a New Relic account. Then download the New Relic Java agent and add the -javaagent flag.

Web Transactions in WildFly

New Relic highlights the most important and worst-performing transactions flowing through Java web applications deployed on WildFly. Here the application being viewed is the Kitchen Sink HTML5 Mobile sample application for WildFly. On this page you can see which endpoints are taking the most time and how many requests are flowing through the system.


Details about individual web transactions can be viewed at the code level for deep visibility into your application. At a glance it is simple to see which Java methods are taking most of the time during this specific request.


These details extend to the database as well.


JVM Memory and Thread Statistics

JVM memory statistics are available including overall heap memory usage, the sizes of various garbage collection generations, non-heap memory usage, garbage collection CPU time, and the count of loaded and unloaded classes.


The thread count over time is also available. In addition, if you are using application server transactions the number of active transactions, created transactions (both top-level and nested), and finished transactions (both committed and rolled back) are displayed.


Try It Today

Download the latest New Relic agent today and take advantage of our WildFly support!

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