New Relic CEO Makes Biggest Announcement in Company History: New Relic Insights

Today our CEO Lew Cirne made what he believes is New Relic’s biggest and most exciting announcement since the company was founded in 2008: the launch of New Relic Insights. He introduced our new software analytics product to a packed house at Gigaom Data Structure in New York City and explained why it’s now more important than ever to be listening to what your software is trying to tell you.


Now that software “has eaten the world,” the rules of customer engagement have totally changed. Companies like the Yellow Pages Group of Canada, have had to transition from being a traditional print company to a digital and now a mobile one. Nonprofits like have expanded the ways they interact with their donors online and through social media. Both of these organizations (along with more than 275 other companies) have been using New Relic Insights in a private beta to help them make better real-time decisions along the way. And the result: our software analytics platform has already turned into a Big Data monster.

In fact, we now have the largest “big data” database of customer performance metrics in the world. And the speed with which you can have a meaningful conversation with the data is staggeringly fast. As Lew emphasized on stage, “the median [Insights] query responds in 19 milliseconds. That’s a game changer.” Once our customers see all that New Relic Insights has to offer, we’re confident they’ll think so, too.

You can watch a video of Lew’s session below, and get more details in this Gigaom article.


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