New Relic Insights Adds Upgraded Filters, Custom Events, and Improved iOS App

The month of November has seen  several new updates to New Relic Insights. They’re designed to be useful for newcomers to the product as well as for heavier users looking for more powerful capabilities.

The new features are intended to help you access, explore, and upload your data more easily and quickly:

  • New Dashboard Filters enable you to filter across attributes in event types and add multiple levels of filtering on the fly
  • Custom Events via Agent API let you use your APM agents to send custom events into Insights, making it easier to add new data
  • Updated Mobile iOS App supports the new visualizations, such as funnels, gauges, and bar charts

Read on for the key details…

Dashboard filters

First off, we are excited to share a new enhancement to our dashboard filtering feature in New Relic Insights. Until now, dashboard filters were limited to a single value, from a single attribute, from a single event type. With this update, we’ve made adding or editing a filter easier by moving the add/edit experience in-line with dashboard editing, so you don’t have to visit another page. Filters can also now be set across attributes, from a number of event types, and more than one filter value can be applied to a dashboard at any given time.

To get started with our new dashboard filters, simply click the Edit button in a dashboard and then click the gear icon to set up your filter. It’s that easy!

Step 1: Click on Edit within a given dashboard:

NR Insights 1

Step 2: Enable filters, and select the events and attributes you want to filter on:

NR Insights 2

Step 3: Adding a filter value is as easy as starting to type—we’ll suggest a list of available attribute values to filter on:

NR Insights 3

With Insights’ new dashboard filtering capabilities, you can restrict your widgets to PageViews from the Chrome browser, on Windows computers, in California, for example, as shown here:

NR Insights 4

Custom Events via Agent API

If you’re a New Relic Insights user, you’re probably familiar with our Custom Event API, that lets you send custom data types to Insights. While this API has proven to be a great way for our users to introduce additional events beyond Transactions, PageViews, and MobileSessions, there are some cases where Insights users wanted to send custom events to Insights without having to generate a background job or daemon for continuously batching and sending those events using our API. In fact, some users explicitly asked us if we’d consider putting this kind of functionality in our agents to make this process a bit more seamless. Enter the custom event API for the Ruby agent!

Now, you can add custom events to Insights by adding a one-line API call along with a set of key/value pairs. These events could come from an external service, or from data native to your application. The Ruby agent will “harvest” these custom events and send them up to Insights in the same fashion as Transaction events.

Here’s an example of an event called “My_Custom_Type” that has an attribute called ‘foo’ and an attribute called ‘other_thing’. As you can see, it’s easy to add these attributes and values to create your custom event:

::NewRelic::Agent.record_custom_event('My_Custom_Type', {'foo' => 'bar', 'other_thing' => 123456})

When the agent starts up again, you will see these events start to flow into Insights as they occur! Currently, this functionality is limited to the Ruby agent (make sure your Ruby agent is updated to version 3.9.8), but we are working on similar rollouts for the Java, PHP, and Node agents.

You can read more about this API in our Documentation section.

New Relic Insights for iOS

At FutureStack14 we announced a handful of new visualizations for New Relic Insights—and we are happy to announce that we’ve updated our native iOS app to support them. You can now see Funnels, Bar Charts, and Gauges in the New Relic Insights iOS application. We’ve also taken the opportunity to squash a number of bugs and improve performance!

NR Insights 5 NR Insights 6

If you are an iPhone or iPad user, make sure to download the app from the Apple App Store today for access to your New Relic Insights dashboards on the go.

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