As you probably already know, New Relic does APM. What may be less well known is that, over the years, we’ve received a ton of customer requests to extend our monitoring to include the infrastructure context and provide users with a “single pane of glass” to view their entire technology stack.

new relic infrastructure logoSo, following our Opsmatic acquisition in October 2015, we formed our first product team based in San Francisco to build our next-generation infrastructure monitoring product from the ground up. After a successful beta program, including feedback from over 600 engaged customers, we launched New Relic Infrastructure at FutureStack16 in San Francisco on November 16, 2016, exactly one year ago today.

As we celebrate New Relic Infrastructure’s first birthday—along with adoption from high-profile Infrastructure customers including H&R Block,, Nationwide Insurance, Hearst, Concur, and Gannett—I want to highlight some of the many accomplishments the team has achieved in the past year.

karishma futurestack16 infrastructure

Introducing New Relic Infrastructure at FutureStack16 in San Francisco

Recap of the past year

New Relic Infrastructure in the cloud

Since launch, we’ve added more than 30 cloud integrations across Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, all designed to let you monitor your cloud performance data across multiple New Relic products, including New Relic Infrastructure, New Relic APM, and New Relic Insights, while leveraging capabilities such as alerts from the New Relic platform. Equally important to many customers, features like our new AWS Billing Integration allow customers to clearly see their cloud costs, which is particularly useful when planning a cloud migration for optimization and scale.

New Relic Infrastructure beyond the cloud

To complement our cloud integrations, New Relic extends its capabilities to monitor many of the services that support your day-to-day operations. This is possible through our collection of on-host integrations designed to let you send data from systems such as Cassandra, Nginx, and MySQL to the New Relic platform. Additionally, our support for StatsD integration is designed to allow organizations to deploy New Relic Infrastructure across their IT systems and start collecting the data—without requiring custom development.

In addition, the team also launched an integrations software development kit (SDK) to support custom-built integrations that dramatically boost the collective power of New Relic Infrastructure.

New Relic Infrastructure inside the container

For customers who run container operating systems like CoreOS, we now provide an image of the New Relic Infrastructure agent that allows them to deploy the agent as a container in their environment. (You can find more information on how our containerized agent can collect metrics and labels about other containers and the underlying host here.)

docker infrastructure logo

New Relic Infrastructure and advanced alerting

Lastly, we’ve iteratively improved New Relic alerting to help improve your MTTD and MTTR. Since its launch, Infrastructure has added advanced alerting functionality to allow alert types such as “Process Stopped/Running” and “Host not reporting” alerts. All this and more is also possible through the REST API that make it easy to manage your Infrastructure alerts.

The team behind it all

new relic infrastructure cakeWhile I could continue to go on about our list of “new feature” goodness, none of this would be possible without the dedicated and awesome team working in San Francisco, Portland, and Barcelona.

Despite the challenges that come with not seeing each other face-to-face on a daily basis (yes, I’m talking about all those 6 a.m. conference calls) and hailing from such a wide variety of backgrounds, I believe this global team has been a key driver of Infrastructure’s success. It’s been exciting for us all to share not just the fast growth of the product, but also the growth of the team itself over the past year. Most important, though, we’re thankful to our customers who trust us to help make their on-call duties suck a little bit less!

At just one year old, New Relic Infrastructure has already come a long way, with new features, significant market growth, and strong customer adoption. We’re working hard to ensure that we can continue delivering additional value to our customers. And to close, here’s a very organized birthday picture of the San Francisco New Relic Infrastructure team (on “onesie” day) dedicated to making that happen:

new relic infrastructure team

Karishma Irani presenting at FutureStack16 photo © Andrew Weeks Photography.

Karishma Irani is senior product manager for New Relic Infrastructure. She holds a master's degree in Computer Science and has managed the Infrastructure product from beta through GA and beyond. She is passionate about speaking with customers about how to address their biggest DevOps challenges and make monitoring a seamlessly integrated part of scaling and deployments across organizations. When she’s not doing that, she’s drinking coffee till it’s a socially acceptable hour to drink wine. View posts by .

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