Android Developer? We’ve Got a Special Treat For You

If you’re an Android Developer, we’ve got some exciting news for you. New Relic for Mobile Apps now supports Ant, Maven, Eclipse and Google’s latest Android build system, Gradle. (Yes, for real!) And, as an added bonus, we streamlined the Ant install process for you as well. Lots of optimization goodness for all you Android developers!

Ant, Eclipse, Maven & Gradle

It’s super easy to get started:

* Install New Relic using your standard build tools and processes
* Debug and release your app in Eclipse just like always
* Build your Maven app with New Relic – it’s now as simple as adding a dependency to your application’s pom.xml
* Launch the emulator and see your New Relic data
* Enjoy New Relic support for your shiny new application!

You’ll find separate installation instructions for Ant, Eclipse, Maven and Gradle in our docs section.  And don’t miss our previous blog post on getting started with Gradle. For an example of how to install Eclipse, see this install video:

Don’t wait — log in, deploy and see data like you never have before on New Relic’s mobile section.

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