Tracing Your Users’ Experiences From End-To-End With New Relic For Mobile Apps

We’re very excited about our latest release of New Relic for Mobile Apps, which is available today! It comes with On-Device Metrics, Operating System Metrics, Custom Metrics, and our killer feature – User Interaction Traces.

It’s a complicated mobile world out there for developers, and oh so competitive – especially when 80-90% of apps are being deleted after just one use. That’s why we want to give developers a leg up in this mobile app war and make their lives easier with the latest iteration of our mobile monitoring solution. User Interaction Traces is exactly what a developer needs – it traces every aspect of a user interacting with an app from beginning to end, including, memory usage, database metrics, CPU time, network response times and errors, and method level-traces for every task that makes up an interaction (examples of an interaction – screen load, image download, purchase, etc.). Check out this infographic to see how User Interaction Traces work, and don’t forget to start using it today!


If you already have an account, log in and update your app to the new SDK to start using User Interaction Traces and all the other awesome features immediately. To learn more about all these features, you can also visit our product page.

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