More Awesome New Relic for Mobile Apps – Now In Beta!

At our FutureStack conference last month we announced that a shiny new update was on its way to our mobile app monitoring solution; well, we really didn’t want to make you wait too long, so here’s the beta version for iOS and Android – available today! Go ahead and try it out – we think you’ll be in love very soon.

What are these shiny new features you ask?

    • Performance by Operating System – oh yes, we know you’ve been waiting for this – track response times, error rates and more by operating system
    • On-Device Metrics – want to know how much memory your app is using? Or if your UI is freezing or taking too long to respond to requests? Start using device-level metrics
    • Custom Metrics – in case you have any specialized interactions that we might not monitor right out of the box, this is for you. Custom instrument events that you would like to track
    • And, our super-awesome User Interaction Traces – the first of its kind, this is one of the most unique features in existence today in the world of mobile app monitoring. You’ll get end-to-end code-level traces for individual user interactions, so you can see where and how much time is being spent, and dive deep into how each of the device, network and backend are affecting the performance of your app

mobile monitoring overview screen

user interaction traces

You’ll find all these features described in detail on our product page. If you already have an account, log in and access the new Beta SDK here.

And before we let you go, watch this quick overview of the new and awesome New Relic for Mobile Apps.

Happy Mobile Monitoring!

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