Because every application needs New Relic – $15M in additional expansion capital raised

The team here at New Relic is on a mission: Deliver one single tool that allows users to manage their entire app’s performance, from the end user experience, through the application code, straight through to the servers and infrastructure that support the entire experience.

One clarification on this mission:  We want our SaaS solution to be accessible to, and usable by EVERYONE.  Whether you’re a single developer working on a side project, a startup, a growing mid-sized company, or an enterprise with hundreds of apps – our mission is to deliver this singular product experience that is an absolute joy to use, at a price everyone can afford. With the release of server monitoring last week, we are executing well on that vision from a product perspective, and with over 13,000 14,000 active accounts and well over 50,000 users tracking over 25 Billion metrics each day — we are proving the demand is there on the business side as well.  Quite frankly, our business is red hot and we’re seeing record growth.  (Go here to see what our customers say about us)

To fuel the momentum of the business, we’ve secured an additional $15M business expansion round of financing.  This funding will allow us to do even more of what we do everyday:  Build magical product experiences for companies of EVERY size (sorry for borrowing “magical” from Apple, but, well…it’s what we aspire to!).

To communicate some of the success of the business and the funding news, the marketing team pieced together the infographic, below. Please note that at the time we produced it we had more than 13,000 active accounts, but I just checked our internal tools and it just tipped to 14,000!  Woot!

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