New Relic enables free public access to live RPM session. Take RPM for a Test Drive and see what it can do!

Try RPM on a real app in production

Want to test drive RPM on a real app — one that’s not your own? Now you can. Recently we deployed a live web app on EC2 and enabled RPM to manage it. Then we created a “guest-access” mode so that anyone could use RPM to monitor that real app. Guest Access allows you to use all of RPM’s monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimizing features. Now you can try RPM, just like you would on your own web application, to monitor performance, identify trouble spots, and drill down into transactions to see what’s really going on. We invite you to take RPM for a spin and spend as much time as you like seeing what it’s capable of.

RPM has a rich set of features. Here are some suggestions for getting started when you use the Test Drive:

  • Troubleshooting Tab: A good starting point. View application health and availability at a glance.
    • Web Transactions: Begin your investigation of problem spots by determining what types of transactions need improvement.
    • Transaction Traces: Drill down into individual transactions. Find problems in the stack trace and SQL statements.
  • Optimize Tab: RPM’s tools for long term planning and optimization.
  • Custom Views: Create your own dashboards tailored for your business.
  • Notes: Share your observations with your team. Capture a graph, add your thoughts, and send a link to your team.

Try New Relic RPM on your app!

After you take the Test Drive using Guest-Access and find out why hundreds of companies like yours have chosen RPM to manage their critical web applications, you can try RPM on your own application for free, with no obligation. Just select the sign up button (can’t miss it — it’s that big red button at the top) in the demo to try our free product, RPM Lite, or visit our web site, determine which subscription level is right for you, and sign up. Either way, you’re just two minutes from learning more about your production application’s performance than ever before.'

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