The New Relic Community Forum: Looking Back at 2014

Way back in April, we were thrilled to announce the launch of our very first online support community, the New Relic Community Forum. Built with the open-source forum software Discourse, the Community Forum is a killer resource for New Relic users, where they can get answers to questions about our products and interact with our support, engineering, and product management teams. The Forum has also become a great place to chat with other New Relic users to swap advice and best practices. Here’s what it looks like today:

New Relic Community Forum

To give you a sense of how the community’s been taking shape, let’s start by taking a look at some of the numbers! In 2014…

  • Over 4,500 users signed up for the Forum
  • Over 2,500 topics were started
  • Over 10,400 posts were added to topics
  • Over 1,500 Likes were given to posts
  • 18 categories and 13 subcategories were created

Search and ye shall find

When we first created the Community Forum using Discourse, one of our primary goals was to make sure the content our members and support team generated would be extremely searchable. Every topic added to the Forum should make it easier for users with similar questions or problems to find answers, whether they’re searching inside or outside the Forum itself. That has been a success, as the current top ten traffic sources are all Google domains, generating more than 18,000 clicks in the last month alone.

It’s all about the content

Of course, you can’t have SEO-fu without having strong content. Our Forum posts can cover anything from standard support issues to updates from our product team and community-sourced workarounds. Many kudos to the inquisitive members of our Forum community and our ever-knowledgeable support representatives to make sure the content is accurate, helpful and, occasionally, hilarious.

If you’d like to dive right in, here are some of the topics that received the most views or Likes:

On the category level, our most popular and active product communities are Insights, .Net Agent, and Java Agent. Brand new to the group is our Synthetics category, a must-visit for customers trying out our newest product for the first time.

Our first Forum volunteer!

Another major highlight of this year was getting our very first volunteer on board to help us answer the most pressing questions the Forum community comes up with. We’d like to offer a warm welcome to user Hobbit_71! Known offline as Martin Reynolds, he’s a real-life application architect looking after applications and solutions in the education space.

Get monthly updates

If you’re already using the Community Forum, or have been inspired to join by this post, you can get updates about the Forum news and top content in our monthly Community Forum Digest. We post our digest to the Meta category at the beginning of every month, and have been since October. To catch up, check out our first three issues:

While you’re at it, you should also follow our support community manager Lisa Wess on Twitter for interesting Forum content and industry news!

Thanks to all our Forum members for making 2014 an incredible year! To everyone else: we hope to see you in the Forum soon.

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