New Relic Announces Data API Contest

New Relic RPM customers now have access to a RESTful API that can be used to create new accounts, list applications within a given account and display the health indicators of each application including key performance metrics and the “traffic light” health status indicators.

Now Rails app teams can integrate critical performance data with the other applications they work with everyday – or in completely new apps they write themselves – and win great prizes for doing it.

Maybe you want to track your Rails app performance in a native iPhone app. Or maybe in a Mac Widget. Or how about integrating with other dev tools you use. Maybe your operations team would like to integrate Rails app performance into their tool to monitor servers and network. Now you can access RPM data on demand from anywhere.

To celebrate, New Relic is having a contest, open to anyone using RPM. If you don’t yet use RPM, just sign up for the free RPM Lite version by going to

Once you have signed up, go to the Account page, enable the API for your app, and download the documentation.

API Access
When you create your app, widget, or other use of the API, notify New Relic by posting a topic on our support page (

You will be asked to give us a demo of your solution. Entries will be judged on their usefulness to an application team, the elegance of the implementation (ease of deployment, ease of use), and finally, its overall cool factor.

Entries received by March 15, 2009 will be eligible for these prizes:

First Place: $1,000 in Amazon Gift Certifcates
Second Place: $500 in Amazon Gift Certificates

Good luck!'

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