New Relic and ScienceLogic Team Up to Optimize Cloud Applications

ScienceLogic logoWe’re excited to announce our latest partnership and product integration with ScienceLogic, a leading provider of smart IT operations and cloud management software. ScienceLogic is part of our Connect Partner program and our joint capabilities offer combined application performance management and infrastructure performance management to cloud service providers. Armed with live, business-critical intelligence about applications and infrastructure, cloud service providers and their customers can proactively identify potential performance issues and make appropriate steps to ensure their cloud-hosted apps are meeting performance and business goals.

ScienceLogic’s management platform empowers companies to visualize, automate and modernize their IT operations, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness with the operational intelligence needed to run their businesses smarter. ScienceLogic offers dynamic discovery, service event history, multi-tenant support and integrated dashboards for viewing the underlying storage IOPS, database resource consumption and hypervisor load.

New Relic’s performance monitoring compliments ScienceLogic’s software by providing instant, comprehensive information that is vital to the development and deployment teams responsible for the management of applications running in the cloud and the data center. ScienceLogic collects a rich and comprehensive set of application performance data from New Relic’s published RESTful API allowing for streamlined workflow integrations and deep visibility from the underlying infrastructure to the application layer. The integration combines New Relic’s 24/7 visibility into real user monitoring, server resources and app code with ScienceLogic’s real time performance, configuration, and fault analytics infrastructure, allowing customers to rapidly identify and remediate potential issues before they affect end users.

“This new partnership exemplifies what ScienceLogic focuses on each day, making IT smarter by displaying actionable and contextual data across the entire technology stack used to deliver a service, adding New Relic’s superb end user experience performance analytics in a secure, multi-tenant environment,” says David Link, ScienceLogic’s co-founder and CEO. “We are thrilled to work with New Relic, for APM, to bring the most comprehensive end-to-end cloud application monitoring solution available, as we focus on the best analytics available to save the most time against issue resolution.”

Tier 3, a New Relic customer and provider of cloud infrastructure and cloud management for enterprises, is the first to deploy the joint monitoring capability. “Enterprises seek simplicity from public cloud services, even as their requirements grow more complex.  With partnerships like this, Tier 3 can deliver more powerful capabilities to customers as a native part of our cloud platform,” says Shantu Roy, Senior Product Manager at Tier 3.  “Now, IT doesn’t have to invest time and money stitching together disparate components from different vendors to make everything work.  They simply point and click for the analytics and data they need to optimize the business.”

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