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When you woke up this morning and logged into New Relic – you may have noticed a few shiny new things.  Like, the new and FREE Server Monitoring capabilities we blogged about here.  But that is not all we’ve been up to here at New Relic. In fact, we have a host of new and really COOL features to share with you today.

Browser Tracing (Real User Monitoring Enhancement)

Ever wonder what exactly is happening in your user’s browser? With the new browser tracing capability in Real User Monitoring, now you can find out.  With browser tracing, NewRelic collects samples from real users who have experienced poor front-end performance. You can use browser tracing to identify patterns in poor performance affecting your users, reveal what browser they were using, where in the world they came from (literally), and other details like which parts of the request were performing slowly. You can even compare slow browser traces against your baseline.  You can read more about it here

Slow SQL

SQL bottlenecks got you down?  Not to worry, New Relic has you covered. Now you can track the exact SQL statements that are slowing down your site. New Relic collects samples of the worst performing SQL, gives you the context to understand exactly where the SQL is used in your code, and how to fix it. For MySQL, we even analyze your explain plans and present the most common issues in plain English.

App Map

The new App Map feature in New Relic helps you see the various components that make up your application, how they relate to each other, and most importantly how each component is performing. Your application components are automatically mapped for complete end-to-end visibility. We show you application components such as your application, database, and external services all in an extremely easy-to-digest application map. Complex app architectures discovered, mapped, and understood!

Navigation Menu

You might also have noticed our new consolidated navigation menu.  Based on customer feedback, we’ve done a complete navigation overhaul. The new, freshly styled, and simplified navigation menu allows for ultra-fast switching between sections, all while taking up less screen real estate. Once inside the “Overview” screen for your app, click on the “End user” or “App server” dropdown to get instant access to all the app monitoring tools you love. We’re all about user experience here at New Relic and we think our new navigation menu is going to make your life easier – enjoy!

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Feel free to check out our overview video to see it in action

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