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stopwatchGreat news!

Today, we announced some serious enhancements to New Relic RPM.

You can read the press release here

You can get details on the enhancements here

Read on for an overview of the additions to RPM:

RPM now has a number of really great new featues that customers have been asking for including:

Compare with Yesterday – Compare your performance vs the same time window yesterday to help determine if the code you deployed is improving site performance.

Transaction Tracing– Transaction Tracing provides a deep drilldown into your production application’s slowest individual transactions. Drill down into the transaction’s SQL, all the way to the SQL EXPLAIN.

Error Tracking – Classify, aggregate, and identify errors and exceptions in your app. Your error inbox no longer runneth over!

Week-to-Week Comparisons – See how your site performance has improved over a the previous week.

Automated Incident Detection– When RPM detects an incident, a red flag on your dashboard or an RSS feed automatically alerts you. No configuration needed.

Scalability Analysis – Wondering how your application holds up as it becomes more popular? See your application response time, CPU, and database utilization compared to site load as it changes throughout the day, week, and month.

Response Time Reports – Do you know your response time? RPM does. Response time reports reveal at a glance whether things are better or worse.

iPhone Access – Log into your RPM account on your iphone at Never wonder how your app is doing, no matter where you are.

…and more

We’ll have more detailed posts about each feature coming soon, but you can get more detail right now at

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We hope you enjoy the additions to RPM. So far there has been tremendous interest and excitement. As always, we’d love your feedback as a comment to the blog or on our GetSatisfaction site'

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