New Chrome Extension from Railsware Improves New Relic Navigation Experience

This is a guest post by our Connect partner Railsware.

Recently Railsware released a Chrome extension that improves the New Relic navigation experience by giving you the ability to return to time spans you’ve selected previously.

If you’re running out of time while troubleshooting application performance issues, New Relic can help you out. Tracing general performance issues and bugs becomes faster and easier. For fast navigation through the app timeline, New Relic added a great zoom in feature. With it, you can select a period of time to take a closer look. This helps a lot when you’re trying to figure out the roots of big response times or localize the time span of a set of issues (e.g. 500 errors).

Times Spent in Database

But when you’re actively looking for some info on the timeline and zoom into a wrong time period, you want to go back to the previous time span. To get there, you need to zoom out and then try to figure out where you were previously. Our new Chrome extension resolves this issue. The extension stores info about your time span selections and gives you the ability to return to them in with a single click.

Screenshot of Chrome Extension

Once you’ve installed the extension, it starts saving your time span selections and shows them in the new tab inside the standard time span selection widget so you can return to previous selections at any time.'

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