Our new Availability Monitoring feature is in beta. Now you can use RPM to ping any URL and monitor uptime

New Relic, Inc. We are pleased to announce today that we are offering a public beta for RPM’s new availability monitoring feature. Availability monitoring, in this case pinging specified URLs at specific intervals to assess availability, has long been a complementary discipline to application-centric monitoring, and we viewed it a natural addition to RPM’s core capabilities. We’re pretty excited about this feature and look forward to hearing feedback from folks about their experiences with it.

How it works

RPM now has the ability to measure application availability and uptime. The Availability Monitor pings your application every 30 seconds and alerts you when the application is unavailable for a specified time. When the availability monitor receives a response other than an HTTP 2XX result it records a ping failure. Once successive failures exceed a configurable time threshold (default is one minute) a Downtime Event is recorded and alerts are triggered via e-mail, Twitter, etc.

Availability Monitor

Additionally, you will see a clear indication in graphs and summary pages that the application is currently down:

Availability Monitoring_Graph

Over time, RPM tracks your downtime events and reports availability statistics in the Availability Report and SLA Report (under the Optimize tab available with RPM Gold):

Availability Monitoring Report

Additionally, downtime Events can be flagged as maintenance events so they will not be treated as downtime when calculating the availability values.

Get started with Availability Monitoring today

It’s easy! Choose an application in RPM and select the Application Settings tab, then the Availability Configuration tab under that. Enter a URL to start monitoring availability. You’ll be redirected to the configuration page where you can specify the alert threshold and treatment of HTTP redirect results. Also on the configuration page you can enter a special e-mail address just for pinger alerts. This can be an e-mail list, an SMS gateway, or a PagerDuty address.

You should see that Availability Configuration has been enabled in your App setting tab. To participate in the beta, just follow the steps above. As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to visit New Relic support.


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