Myths These 500 Enterprises Busted in 2013

We did a little counting and realized that more than 500 large enterprises have joined our list of customers over the past 12 months (see announcement here). Nice progress. In fact, it’s a significant enough milestone for us to do some reflecting. What kind of things have these 500 enterprises been doing with us?  Dispelling a few myths, from the looks of it.

Sure, many of these large enterprises are doing similar things to what our thousands of smaller customers are doing – monitoring their applications for performance issues that will impact their business.

But, conventional wisdom says that large organizations are much more hesitant to adopt SaaS solutions. That doesn’t seem to be the case with New Relic customers, a list that includes folks like Dow Jones, Farmers Insurance, E*Trade, and Electronic Arts.

We see customers like these appreciating the way our SaaS APM solution lets them start monitoring their applications very quickly and without the headaches often associated with on-premise software. As we know all too well, when things go wrong at a critical time for company revenue, time matters. (Which reminds me: happy holidays to all you e-tailers out there watching your website uptime very closely!)


Recent research by IDC also highlighted the strength and growth of SaaS APM for large enterprises. For some specific stats, you can go here. The uptick in large customers for New Relic is tangible evidence of this trend.

Another notable myth our enterprise customers are discarding: interest in adopting mobile in the enterprise is high, while delivery by IT is uncertain. We have seen a big uptick in interest and in usage of our native mobile APM capabilities. According to our latest count, New Relic is monitoring 7.39 million monthly active users for large enterprise customers. (And, as of yesterday’s GA announcement, our newest mobile APM capabilities give visibility from the device, through the network, all the way back to the application.)

What this says is that large New Relic customers like Activision, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Sony Pictures are jumping into the their mobilization efforts with both eyes open. Application monitoring and the visibility it provides are critical to web applications and, as users of all types switch to mobile apps, the smart companies are turning to these same disciplines to keep things running smoothly.

Consider these just a few high-level take-aways we’ve picked up from working with a great set of enterprise customers this past year. We’ll continue to keep an eye on trends and report the more interesting ones here in the months to come.

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