More App Speed Index Data for More People

You’ve asked for it, and we’ve heard you! Many people have said that the App Speed Index feature would be way more useful if the barrier to entry was lower. 20 pages per minute of end-user througput is a lot to ask for.

Maybe your app is for internal use only or your startup is still in stealth mode. But you still deserve to find out if your app is fast enough. Starting now, if your app doesn’t have enough throughput, you can still opt it in to a peer group and see the estimated rank for your app. Your app will not contribute to the distributions, though. The way it works is that we look at the contributing apps and figure out where your app would be. That’s the ranking information that we show you. The day your app crosses the minimum throughput, we’ll start counting it like all the rest: It will contribute to the distributions, receive a true rank and be eligible for the leaderboards.

You still need a user-facing app, so apps without any end-user throughput are still ineligible. Now if you want to see how you compare, all you need is RUM.

If your app is already signed up, you won’t see any changes. The new apps coming in that don’t qualify for contributing to the distributions won’t affect your rankings at all. They’ll be invisible to you.

Happy tuning!

Brent Miller is a principal engineer & architect for New Relic. He traded in his training as a botanist to become a frontend engineer, and has spent the past decade building UIs that are easy to manage and helping the engineers around him become better at what they do. View posts by .

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