Measure All the Things! Introducing the New Relic Platform

As a developer, you understand just how complex an application stack can be. Depending on the environment, there can be hundreds of critical components that make up a single app, and each piece is vital to its performance and reliability. To monitor each component, you may be using multiple tools to gain visibility. But that presents another set of challenges. Most tools aren’t integrated with each other and that can make it overwhelming to troubleshoot app performance issues.

At New Relic, we’ve always strived to make the lives of our customers easier and today we’ve raised that bar even further. We’re excited to announce the release of the New Relic Platform – a seamless new way to monitor the performance of any technology through our intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

With the New Relic Platform, you’ll be able to get in-depth, real time insight into the performance of each component of your application stack – from cloud services, to the database, caching, networking, queuing and more. And best of all? You’ll be able to do it from a single pane of glass to monitor all the metrics you care about. No more logging in and out of different tools to manage the components in your app environment.

Today’s release includes more than 50 plugins available on the New Relic Platform:

New Relic Platform Publishers

Plugins are free to any of our users, and offer built in alerting capabilities and free storage for all monitoring data. Don’t see the plugin you’re looking for? Use your expertise to build one yourself in less than a day to monitor your metrics while leveraging the New Relic Platform, SDK and data visualizations.

To find out everything the New Relic Platform has to offer, visit You’ll quickly get insight into all the metrics you care about and wonder how you ever got by without it.

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