Monitor and Resolve Issues in Real Time with the New Relic – xMatters Integration

This is a guest post written by David Andrews, Director of Product Marketing at xMatters, – a communication platform for mass notification and IT alerting – makes relevance engines that connect people with what they need to know, at the exact moment they need to know it – so they can act quickly. xMatters LogoThe xMatters – New Relic integration lets you combine two cloud applications to monitor system issues and respond to them in real time. Set rules to follow a predetermined process when specific events occur. Leverage your group on-call schedules and rotations, escalation rules, user device preferences and more to get messages to the right people and not bombard your entire team. Let’s say that you are monitoring your server for excessive memory use.

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To get started, first point your New Relic’s webhooks at the xMatters integration service. Then, when a New Relic event occurs and meets one of your alerting policies, the integration service creates an event using a relevance engine form that handles the kinds of alerts that New Relic can trigger. xMatters has different forms available for deployments, application and server alerts. Each can have different, unique message content and handling rules. Image 2 Next, import the New Relic relevance engine into your xMatters on demand environment and you’re done with installation. Image 3 Configure your server and application alert thresholds in New Relic as you normally would. Image 4 The alert properties in New Relic’s webhooks are available for use in your xMatters relevance engines. This allows you to create notification rules. You can also modify the message by dragging and dropping properties into the message builder for dynamic content (e.g. user name) or simply typing in static content. And, based on your rules, you can show different content based on push, voice, SMS or email delivery. Image 5 Then, when events occur that trigger an alert event in New Relic, xMatters alerts your team using the rules you set up. Alerting can be sent out to any device type. You can also use the xMatters app to receive push alerts, to manage issues on the go and to view up-to-date response tracking for each notification sent. Image 6Image 7 Hope you enjoy getting the best of both New Relic and xMatters to help you better respond to system issues in real time.


The following components must be installed prior to installing the integration:

  • xMatters on demand
  • xMatters integration agent 5.0 (patch 006 or later)
  • New Relic

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