MongoLab Integrates with New Relic

Guest author Chris Chang is a developer advocate for MongoLab, a fully managed cloud database service featuring highly available MongoDB databases, automated backups, Web-based tools, 24/7 monitoring, and expert support.

We’re excited to announce that MongoLab now integrates with New Relic! With the MongoLab plugin, teams that use New Relic for their application performance management (APM) can also quickly view their database performance metrics. (Note, this integration is available on all For-Pay MongoLab plans.)

New Relic integration

Our plugin provides users with important MongoDB serverStatus data. Specifically, users can view the following database metrics:

  • Operations
  • Queues
  • Lock %
  • Page Faults
  • Non-mapped Virtual Memory
  • Memory
  • Replication Operations
  • Replication Lag
  • Oplog Window

The plugin also comes with default alert thresholds set on the database lock % metric. (If there are any other metrics you’d like to see, let us know at

Setting up the integration

For teams that already use New Relic, simply plug in your New Relic APM license key in your account Monitoring settings. Follow these simple directions to find your license key.

If you’re not yet using New Relic, MongoLab users can receive New Relic APM Standard for free. You can then follow the instructions above to find your license key and plug it into your MongoLab Monitoring settings.

Happy monitoring!

We hope our plugin helps you be more productive with monitoring your MongoLab database. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to email the MongoLab support team!

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