We’re excited to announce that Mobile Version Trends is now GA!

Announced late last year (see New Relic’s Mobile Version Trends Report Offers a Report Card on Your Apps Over Time), Mobile Version Trends is a new UI dashboard in New Relic Mobile that lets you compare usage and performance metrics across multiple versions of your mobile app.

Mobile Version Trends is designed to help you answer a critically important question: Is my mobile app getting better with each release?

Mobile Version Trends helps you address this question in several ways:

  • Track the trajectory of your development efforts: You can review the trajectory of your development efforts across key performance and usage metrics to learn whether each new release improves, keeps stable, or degrades these metrics.
  • Quickly identify issues in a new release: You can quickly identify if a new release is causing any major issues.
  • Understand the adoption of each version: You can see at a glance the level of adoption of different versions of your app to help prioritize support for the versions that are in heaviest use.

These answers are especially useful if you manage mobile app developers and are trying to better understand how to prioritize performance versus feature work. For developers, these reports are designed to provide an easy way to represent improvements made with the recent releases to your team and manager.

The Mobile Version Trends Dashboard


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The Mobile Version Trends dashboard presents performance and usage metrics within preset time slices, you can compare recent app versions across one-day, one-week, or one-month post-launch time frames, along with the ability to view an all-time time frame.

To understand how each release is affecting performance, Version Trends displays the crash rate, network health, and memory usage metrics for each app version. To review each release’s adoption, Version Trends provides a count of total launches and total users of each app version (total users is broken down into upgrades and new installs).

You can view Version Trends today. To do so, go to the New Relic menu bar, select Mobile > (selected app) > App > Version trends.

Version Trends Email Reports

Mobile Version Trends Email Reports

Today, we’re also releasing the ability to receive Version Trends reports in your inbox.

This is designed to provide an ongoing snapshot of how your app is performing, delivered via email. It won’t overload your inbox either; you’ll receive just three reports after each release, at one day, one week, and one month after the release of an app version.

You can opt in for these emails via your user preferences. To opt in:

  • Select your account at the top right.
  • Select “User preferences.”
  • Scroll down to the bottom right of the screen to see the tabs for Mobile Crash Reporting and Mobile Version Trends.
  • Select the tab “Mobile Version Trends.”
  • Check the box “I want to receive version trends email notifications.”
  • Make sure notifications are “ON” for the app you want to know about.
  • Click “Save email preferences.”

We hope you find Mobile Version Trends useful. For more information, see the UI documentation and the email reports documentation.

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Susie Dirks contributed to this post.


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