Mobile Success: Defined By Great Experiences, Driven By Great Performance

“Speed kills firms that do not provide it as a given application performance trait — speed and application availability are table-stakes for today’s applications.”

The demand for mobile apps for any available product or service today, whether at the enterprise or small business level, is staggering. But users don’t just demand apps; they demand functional, user-friendly and well-performing apps. They have no qualms about abandoning apps that are slow or don’t live up to their expectations. Consider this: if your app doesn’t respond within 2 seconds, two-thirds of your users will simply stop using it.

New Relic commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study to understand the challenges of mobile application performance monitoring, and evaluate how firms avoid poor mobile and web customer experiences. The results are certainly interesting. For instance, we found that poor brand perception and direct costs in terms of increased customer support were two of the top ramifications of poor performing mobile apps. We also discovered that successful firms monitor applications more often, and in more ways.

So what can you do to improve performance, deliver great user experiences and have successful mobile apps? Well, it turns out you don’t have to reinvent the wheel – just use your web playbook (but only if you’ve been successful!). Successful firms that employed good habits around development, monitoring, and management of their web apps are significantly more successful with their mobile apps. (And point to note: if you didn’t get the web part right, mobile failure is assured – time to start monitoring both!)

Forrester’s Senior Analyst Michael Facemire developed a report based on this study ‘Mobile Success: Defined By Great Experiences, Driven By Great Performance’, and also participated on a webinar with New Relic yesterday. He talks about some of the key findings from the report – for example, how prior results (web) can be a predictor of future (mobile) performance, and how poorly performing apps are a clear and present danger to your firm’s brand. Watch the recording below for further insights into mobile and web application performance monitoring, and what some of the key performance indicators you should be thinking about monitoring are.

New Relic is the top provider of end-to-end mobile application performance monitoring including our latest feature – User Interaction Traces, which provides method-level traces for all the code that makes up a user interaction (like a screen load) in your app. It’s in Beta and available immediately – try it out now.

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