Let’s face it: building successful mobile applications may be critical, but it’s also really difficult. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. At FutureStack15, Jonathan Karon, senior mobile engineering manager at New Relic, and Susie Bily, a product manager on New Relic’s mobile team, share their hard-earned experiences implementing continuous UX improvement in mobile applications.

Mobile users—of both mobile apps and mobile websites—have sky-high expectations, and application performance is a critical part of their experience. Yet in the mobile world, especially, most of the time users spend waiting for our software is on the client, not in the server—and thus difficult to control.

drive ux performance improvement: futurestack presentation

But don’t despair; there are things mobile developers can do. In the video below, Jonathan and Susie share some of the lessons they’ve learned in implementing continuous UX improvement in our own mobile apps.

user experience hierarchy of needs: futurestack presentation

One key, they say, is continuous improvement, which requires determining which interactions matter most (not everything that happens in your app or website has the same value), building a culture that focuses on targeting and measuring “the really bad problems,” and then relentlessly iterating until the goals are reached:

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