The Million Dollar Hackathon – Heroku and Salesforce Raise the Stakes at Dreamforce

It’s never been done before, and it’ll happen next week in San Francisco at Dreamforce: Salesforce and Heroku are offering a top prize of a cool million dollars for the best mobile app created in their hackathon.

As one of Heroku’s most popular add-ons, New Relic is certain to be an indespensible tool for the hackathon teams – and for anyone that needs to rapidly find and fix performance issues with their web, mobile, and API apps.

Salesforce Hackathon hackers will need rapid access to detailed insights into end-user experiences to ensure that their entries delight the judging panel. New Relic delivers visibility into native mobile iOS and Android apps, with some terrific new features just announced as part of our Mobile Monitoring beta.

Prize-winning mobile apps also require rapidly-built, yet reliable and performant, backends – Heroku is the ideal place to deploy instantly and iterate rapidly, without having to worry about maintaining infrastructure. Whether the backend is written in Node.js, Ruby, Java, Python, or any of our supported languages, New Relic installs in minutes. Our new pricing plans, just launched on Heroku, make it more affordable than ever to get the deep insights that only New Relic can deliver – non-production apps can now get our deepest insights for free!

Hackers, there is a million dollars on the line. You are going to have to hack like you’ve never hacked before if you want a shot at this insane prize. When you build on Heroku, and run with New Relic, you’ve set yourself up for success. If you win, will you at least buy us a beer?


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