New Relic APM Debuts on New Microsoft Azure Marketplace

As of today, customers can acquire and deploy New Relic APM seamlessly from Microsoft’s new portal, the Microsoft Azure Marketplace—which Microsoft calls a one-stop shop for premium data and applications, with hundreds of apps, thousands of subscriptions and trillions of data points.

With its Azure Marketplace, Microsoft has combined all its Azure store properties into one location, while New Relic engineers have been hard at work providing APM integration into the Marketplace.


More than a storefront

It’s much more than a storefront. With Microsoft Azure Marketplace, customers can effortlessly deploy a complete Azure infrastructure in a few clicks, including New Relic APM to manage the applications.

This means that whether you’re deploying a small Azure virtual machine or a complex VM farm, you can select New Relic to automatically spin up New Relic APM along with the VM, providing you with the visibility to the application performance you expect when using New Relic.

The primary performance dashboards for response time and error rate appear as a live frame from within the portal. This gives you a quick glance into the application’s performance and health without leaving your overall Azure environment. And you can move to the New Relic portal with one click to access the full power of New Relic APM.

Consistent with our vision of a frictionless experience, seamless integration with Microsoft Azure Marketplace shortens the journey for developers, operations managers, and other users to get New Relic up and running in their cloud environments. That will help developers spend more time building great software and less time worrying about infrastructure.

Get the most out of Microsoft Azure

We at New Relic are especially proud to be the first application performance management component available through the Marketplace. It is a bold statement of how we help you build great software, and getting the most of your use of Microsoft Azure.

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