mercadolibre logoThe history of trade across Latin America is unique and fascinating, dominated by colonial conquest, foreign interference, and political upheaval. But the latest revolution in this diverse region isn’t so different from one happening all over the world. Today, Latin American e-commerce is exploding—and it’s not just the usual big players reaping the rewards. From the rugged southern tip of Chile to the balmy Caribbean, buyers and sellers of all kinds and sizes are connecting through online marketplaces.

One such marketplace—indeed, the largest e-commerce platform in Latin America—is MercadoLibre. Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and employing more than 2,000 employees, this growing company operates in 14 countries. That’s a market of over 550 million people, delivering 1 million MercadoLibre users each month.

The company’s proprietary software platform consists of six integrated services, including the MercadoPago payments solution. Each one of those services is run by a separate business team, with distinct apps, infrastructure, code, and IT staff for each.

This decentralized approach is a world away from the monolithic platform the company started with back in 1999. Its adoption represented a rising to the challenge of providing a robust online trading environment across Latin America’s varied cultural and geographic terrain.

Growing pains

Hernán Di Chello

Hernán Di Chello, Product Development Director

With hundreds of deployments happening each week across its six services, agility and time-to-market were (and still are) top priorities for MercadoLibre. But with rapid growth placing all six teams under pressure, the company needed to make sure application performance didn’t suffer.

“We were having issues with scalability, performance, and downtime,” says Hernán Di Chello, product development director of the MercadoPago unit. Identifying and mitigating the causes of those issues became a matter of urgency. To gain that insight, MercadoLibre took a step that would revolutionize its operations.

Night and day

Beginning with MercadoPago, all six MercadoLibre development teams rolled out the New Relic Software Analytics Cloud, making the company one of the first in Latin America to do so. The tools quickly proved essential across all elements of the business.

“Before, we would deploy and didn’t realize that there were problems,” says Fernando Scasserra, senior product development manager at MercadoLibre. “With New Relic, the difference is like night and day, with New Relic pinpointing issues for us throughout the life cycle, including design, deployment, testing, and production.”

Hernán Di Chello quote

MercadoLibre’s success lies in making its platform accessible to anyone who wants to use it. Whether selling books in Bogota or shopping for cheese in Chiapas, this online marketplace has something for everyone. And at MercadoLibre’s Buenos Aires headquarters, employees experience something similar with New Relic.

“New Relic is an essential tool for not only our developers and engineers, but also our executives,” Di Chello adds. “It gives everyone on the team a clear picture of how our applications and services are performing.”

Watch the MercadoLibre customer video below (in Spanish with English subtitles):


Be sure to read the full MercadoLibre case study.


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