Master's Interview: Jesse Proudman of Blue Box Group

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Jesse Proudman, CEO of Blue Box Group to get his perspective on the key considerations for migrating to a cloud-computing environment. We’ve posted the two-part interview on RailsLab. Blue Box Group is a hosting provider for Rails applications and they’ve helped numerous clients make decisions about the right infrastructure for their needs. If you are considering migrating to the Cloud, you’ll want to take advantage of Jesse’s valuable advice. In part one, Jesse discusses the pros and cons of moving to the Cloud—it may not be for everyone. There are some very specific questions that you’ll want to ask yourself about the overall performance profile of your app that can help determine which environment—dedicated or Cloud is right for you. In addition, Jesse touches on security/compliance and SLA enforcement topics, two key areas that you should consider.

Jesse ProudmanIn part two, Jesse discusses some specifics around scalability and deployment planning. Though there are tons of variables to consider when it comes to scaling your apps, Jesse helps you focus on three key areas that can really make a difference in your approach to scalability. Deployment planning is always important and one question that often comes up involves redundancy. Blue Box of course, has tons of experience building redundant systems for their clients, and you’ll want to learn what the right answer is for you. Lastly, Jesse offers advice for using memcache to help you optimize and scale your app.

Part 1: Choosing the Right Hosting Environment
Part 2: Planning and Scaling Rails Deployments

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