Making our Customers Lives a Little Easier with the New Relic Platform

At New Relic, we want to make the lives of our customers a little easier every day. It’s one of our core company values and exactly what the release of the New Relic Platform is all about. Now for the first time ever, you’ll be able to see deep inside your application stack through our easy-to-use UI and get immediate insight into all the metrics that are important to you.

But don’t just take our word for it. See the videos and quotes below to see how some of our customers are already getting value out of the New Relic Platform:


By plugging all of these technologies into the New Relic Platform, we’re able to make breakthroughs in solving our problems much faster. It’s like having an MRI of our applications, showing us a slice of data across all systems and making it easier for us to draw correlations.
– Matthew Baird – VP of Engineering, Ticketfly


A lot of companies want to keep their product tight. But with this platform, New Relic shows that it wants to remain open and let users flesh things out. We know first-hand that people find ways to use our product in ways we couldn’t possibly predict. The key is to embrace that, promote it, and support it – and that’s exactly what New Relic is doing.
— Jason Amster – CTO, BeenVerified


I would still be flying blind without New Relic. I could get my job done, but frankly it wouldn’t be as easy and it wouldn’t be as fun. It’s truly an enjoyable thing for me to dig through application data, discover issues and fix them. New Relic makes it possible for me to spend much more of my day doing precisely that.”
— Eric Peterson – Drupal Web Developer, Tableau

We no longer need to run our own custom metric tracking for all of our resources because we can now get all of that information inside the New Relic Platform. We can aggregate analytics in a single app. We don’t waste time looking for data – it’s all in one dashboard. And with each new plugin, we have a new opportunity to save a little more time.”
— James Carr – Systems Engineer, Zapier

Thank you to TicketFly, MeetMe, BeenVerified, Zapier, Tableau and all the other companies that worked with us through this launch. We couldn’t have done it without you!

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