Making a Good Thing Even Better: Key Transactions Are Now Available for PHP & Python Apps

Back in October, we launched our Key Transactions feature. If you aren’t familiar with them, Key Transactions allow you to identify the most important business transactions you want to monitor and manage regardless of overall application throughput. When a transaction deviates from its normal behavior, you can receive an alert notifying you of the issue.

At the time of the release, Key Transactions alerting was only available for .NET and Java applications. And we promised that this functionality would soon be available for our Python and PHP customers. Well, that day is finally here! Now you can use Key Transactions to receive immediate alerts whenever your business critical applications aren’t performing as expected. Watch this video to see what we mean:

The Key Transactions feature is available for any New Relic Pro customers. But to start using the latest Key Transactions capabilities, our PHP and Python customers must update their agents. For the Python agent, see the release notes here and for the PHP agent, see the release notes here.

And if you’re a New Relic customer at any of our other levels, upgrade to New Relic Pro today to take advantage of this fantastic feature! We know you’ll find immediate value from it.

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