Announcing New Relic Servers for Linux v1.4.0.471

The New Relic Servers Team is pleased to announce the release of New Relic Servers for Linux v1.4.0.471. This upgrade contains important security- and stability-related updates, so all current New Relic Servers for Linux customers are encouraged to update to this release.

Special upgrade notice

In particular, if you are running x86 servers that do not support the SSE3 instruction set, such as AMD Opteron 100-series, 200-series, and 800-series “Sledgehammer” processors, you should upgrade as soon as possible, but no later than November 29, 2014. After that date, certain administrative changes to the cipher sets used by New Relic’s SSL-enabled services may be incompatible with versions of New Relic Servers for Linux prior to v1.4.0.471. This may cause instability and server monitoring data loss until the monitor is updated to v1.4.0.471.

Release 1.4 includes many improvements and optimizations, including the following key features.

SSL by default

New Relic Servers for Linux will now communicate to New Relic using SSL by default. That means if

ssl = false

has not been explicitly set in nrsysmond.cfg, the monitor will use SSL to communicate with New Relic. Before upgrading, you should make sure your firewall rules do not exclude SSL traffic from their servers to New Relic or use the above setting to turn off SSL.

Custom SSL trust store authentication


It is now possible to configure the monitor to use a custom SSL trust store to authenticate New Relic’s servers. In most cases this should not be necessary. The server monitor ships with the necessary certificates and will use them unless configured not to do so. If you do choose to change these settings, use caution—if the trust store does not contain the necessary certificates, the server monitor will be unable to report data to New Relic. See our server monitor documentation for more details.

Virtual Network Interfaces now excluded from metric collection

Systems with large numbers of virtual network interfaces (e.g., “veth*” or 12-character hexadecimal names) could cause the monitor to not show more relevant metrics. This would manifest itself as some data being missing in the New Relic charts and graphs for this server.

New Relic Servers for Linux 1.4 excludes virtual network interfaces by default. If you are viewing data collected within a time window after installing and starting of LSM v1.4.0.471, you may see new metrics that were not collected with prior versions of LSM.

We’re proud of this new release and hope you like it. Please tell us what you think!

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