Lookout – New Relic’s Weekly Performance Emails Are Getting a Fresh Look

You know those weekly performance email reports New Relic sends you every Monday morning.  Well, we’ve gone and made them better.  That’s right, we’ve given them a complete makeover to ensure that this critical information is even easier to understand.

These emails provide an excellent way for you to take a quick glance at how your applications have been performing over the weeks.  You can easily spot regressions or major improvements in your application performance. And you can even forward these on to your boss to show how your performance tuning efforts are paying off.

If you’re not a New Relic customer and these reports look intriguing, click here to learn how you too can get these handy reports in your inbox.

While I want you to be pleasantly surprised on Monday morning by the freshly designed report, I will give you a sneak peak , a teaser of sorts, so you know what to look for.



The New Relic Team


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