Lew Cirne opens his new blog with the story of the things he left behind

This week we created “Lew’s Blog,” a new series of posts by Lew Cirne, our founder and CEO. Lew is a software developer, the creator of our product, and the originator of web application performance management. He created the first company focused on web APM called Wily Technology back in 1998. Wily was acquired by CA in 2006 and Lew started New Relic in 2008.

To open his series of posts, Lew shares with us some of the inherent problems faced by the traditional enterprise software vendors (including Wily.) Because of their business models, the traditional guys over-invest in sales, marketing and overhead and seriously under-invest in R&D. The customer is left with the results in terms of higher prices, less capable and less flexible software, and higher cost of ownership. Lew discusses how his analysis of Wily and companies like it helped him to develop the guiding principles used to develop our product, RPM, and in the management of New Relic.

Whether you are in the software business or you use IT management tools, we think you will enjoy “Lew’s Blog.”


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