Lew Cirne on CXOTalk: The Real Importance of APM [Video]

“A problem in your software is a problem in your business, and the more important software is to the business, the more important it is to see how that’s working in real time.”

That was one of the key takeaways from a conversation last week between Lew Cirne, founder and CEO of New Relic, and CXOTalk founder Michael Krigsman (watch the complete video below).

lew cirne

Lew Cirne, founder and CEO of New Relic

According to Lew, software is now the de facto way most people interact with companies. Many customers who used to walk into a bank branch, for example, now handle their banking transactions online or via their mobile devices. So the quality of a bank’s mobile app is today just as important as its branches.

There’s a lot of correlation between software performance and business success, Lew added, especially when you can slice and dice the data in real time to see how performance issues affect your biggest customers.

Lew’s ultimate goal? Helping companies use software to play offense, not just defense. That means going beyond using software to save money and improve processes, but relying on it to grow the top line for the whole company.

Lew and Michael also touched on a wide variety of related issues and trends, including:

  • Why New Relic is “all in” on the cloud
  • Why we think it’s important to be a product-driven company
  • The modern premium on agility, time to market, and delivering a great customer experience
  • Companies are finally understanding the importance of delivering a great mobile customer experience, not just getting more people to download their app
  • The expanding list of people responsible for successful software projects, and how to get them to pay attention to application performance
  • Why software developers need to empathize with their users
  • The critical importance of being able to see business and technical data in the same place

Lew’s CXOTalk also generated a lot of social media attention. Check out the Tweet stream in Storify:


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