Joyent launches new public cloud offering and includes free New Relic for good measure

joyent_newrelicOur friends at Joyent are at it again! Today they announced Joyent Cloud, a new public cloud offering. The new Joyent Cloud runs on a completely revamped Joyent infrastructure management platform, SmartDataCenter 6. This platform includes unique capabilities in analytics, management, security, and performance. It offers a complete environment for running fast, scalable applications at a highly competitive price point. And as you might expect, given our history of teaming with leading platform and hosting vendors, New Relic Standard is available to Joyent Cloud customers free of charge. We’re also working on a seamless, one-click integration with to make it even easier to get up and running with New Relic on Joyent.

Steve Tuck, Joyent Cloud general manager said today “Joyent and New Relic are both focused on developing tools to solve complex performance and scalability problems in the cloud. Offering New Relic as a standard component of the Joyent Cloud provides our customers end-to-end real time analytics and introspection. Now it’s easier for application deployment teams to deliver superior-performing web apps. And since our support teams also use New Relic, customers can work collaboratively with us to ensure their apps are meeting their expectations and business objectives.”

Getting Started is easy! Just visit New Relic’s Joyent page and complete the short form. Your discount for free New Relic will be automatically applied to your account. Not bad! As always, if you have any questions, be sure to drop us a line, we’re happy to help.'

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