Join Our Posse and Help Round Up the Web Application Dirty Dozen

Howdy Pardner,

Just as the sun done rises, we good folks at New Relic are offerin’ a new way to get acquainted with our service

We’ve even got some new duds we’d like to share with ya, if y’all be so obliged.

So what the heck’s going on?  Well, we wanna tell ya ’bout few characters that have been showin’ up ’round here for awhile now. These villains go by the name of the Web Application Dirty Dozen. But these outlaws ain’t so much people as they are problems.  They’re mean spirited, good fer nothin’ and worst of all, y’all ne’er know when they’ll pop up next.

The Web Application Dirty Dozen

Now if y’all have been ’round for a bit, ya’ll have come up face-to-face with one of these outlaws. And if you ain’t?  Well, heck it’s only a matter of time ’til ya do.  Might not be today, gosh, it might not be tomorrow — but ya can bet your nickel-plated six-shooter, y’all run up against one of these varmints soon enough.

So we’re gatherin’ up a code posse to help rid the world of these nefarious ne’er-do-wells. They go by names like N+1 Nell, Bad Query Bob, Johnny Cache, and more.

What’s it gotta do with me, ya might be askin’?  Well, heck, just about everythin’.  Fer your company, it might make the difference between earnin’ a day’s pay and just plain callin’ it quits.

How can ya help? Join our code posse and find out how to root out these pesky problems once and for all.

To get this here honorary Code Marshall tshirt, mosey on over to your desk, crack open a bottle of your best Sarsaparilla and check out our most wanted list. Once yer done, recruit some other worthy folk to the cause, we need all the help we can get to capture these rascals.

But heck, just don’t take our word for it. There be a whole heap of folk ’round town who’ll tell ya that New Relic is finer than frog hair. It’s free, so ya ain’t got nothin’ to lose and everythin’ to gain.'

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