Join New Relic at QCon San Francisco

QCon is an international conference for sharing techniques and tools for building innovative software. InfoQ hosts QCon conferences around the world. QCon San Francisco begins this morning at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco with six tracks of technical goodness, new track topics every day, and open space unconference sessions sprinkled throughout!

New Relic is a silver sponsor at QCon SF. We will be available in the exhibitor area and would love to talk to you about how to keep your web site running smoothly and find bottlenecks.


Whether you use Java, Scala and Play, .NET, Node.js, Python, Ruby, PHP, Android or iOS, New Relic can provide you with instant insight into your applications. By plugging New Relic into your environment, you can see your web requests organized by controller method. In the New Relic UI, you immediately see summary data about which web requests are called most often, where they’re spending their time, and overall throughput and response time. We provide you with detailed visibility into the performance of your web applications so you can very quickly find, diagnose and fix those pesky performance issues before your customers feel the pain. By monitoring your production apps over time, you can catch new problems as they come up, and slow degradation.

In the same UI, you can also monitor your iOS and Android mobile apps as well as you your instances of RabbitMQ, Redis, MongoDB, leading SQL databases, and others with the New Relic Platform.

Tool-Up with your JVM-based Apps

Are your applications written in Java or another language on the JVM? Ashley Puls, developer on New Relic’s Java Agent team, will present Troubleshooting Live Java Web Applications this morning at 11:45am in the Marina Room. She will provide a survey of a number of tools that can help you to troubleshoot performance problems on the JVM, including many tools that are distributed with the JDK.

Stop on By

Stop by the New Relic booth to learn more. We’d love to talk to you about your application performance challenges and how we can provide deeper visibility into what’s going on with your production web applications, mobile applications, and web APIs.

You can create a free account, install the agent for your platform, and enable performance monitoring for your application in just minutes. If you would like a walk-through of the install process, or have questions on how to see the results you’re looking for, we’re happy to help.

Did we mention we’re hiring? New Relic is a truly awesome place to work. We love to talk to talented folks who would like to become part of the New Relic team.


Chris Hansen is a Senior Product Manager at New Relic. He works to make New Relic the indispensable tool for monitoring high-performance distributed systems. Chris has worked as an engineering leader, architect, and developer. He lives in Portland, Ore., where he can be found biking, skiing, and building things with his family. View posts by .

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