At New Relic, we believe that Application Performance Monitoring (APM) should be available for the latest and greatest technology platforms. And we have long been committed to supporting the Java ecosystem and providing our customers with timely support for the newest versions of Java.

The latest major version update of Java, version 9, was released on Thursday, September 21, and we are happy to say that the New Relic APM Java agent has supported Java 9 since Wednesday September 27, just six days after its release. (We like to make a habit of this sort of thing. Late last year, for example, we offered APM support for Node 7 within a week of its debut.)

Java 9 is a big deal

This major release of Java comes more than two years after Java 8 and is packed with a great deal of goodness. Perhaps the biggest feature in Java 9, however, is support for modularity via Project Jigsaw. This project is designed to make it easier for Java developers to construct and maintain their libraries and large-scale applications. It also enables improved application performance and allows the Java SE Platform, along with the Java 9 JDK, to scale down for use in small computing devices and dense cloud deployments—two increasingly popular environments.

You can learn more about the benefits of Jigsaw in this Stack Overflow post on Why Project Jigsaw/JPMS? Or check out this Devox Belgium keynote presentation by Mark Reinhold, Chief Architect of the Java Platform Group at Oracle: Keynote Session by Mark Reinhold.

In addition to Jigsaw, Java 9 also has added changes to features introduced in Java 8, including updates to the CompletableFuture class. These changes also include support for delays and timeouts, better support for subclassing, and new utility methods.

An app running on JRE 9.

An app running on JRE 9.

Put it all together, and Java 9 fundamentally changes the way we build Java apps. But instrumentation of any apps that use this new modularity capability will break unless your APM solution includes Java 9 support.

Beginning with New Relic APM Java agent version 3.43, our customers don’t have to worry about that. The New Relic Java agent can now be run with Oracle Java SE 9! You can run your applications on the Java 9 runtime JVM, and run applications compiled at the Java 9 language level, without fear of losing visibility into your apps.

For more information, see the New Relic Java agent documentation

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