Intuit: Enhancing the Customer Experience Using New Relic Insights

Money matters are serious business. Whether it’s tracking expenses, getting paid, or managing payroll, finance-related tasks have zero room for error and no time for delay. And if there’s one company that understands this more than anyone, it’s Intuit.

A leading provider of financial and tax preparation software for consumers, small businesses and accountants, Intuit is constantly working to improve the performance of its various software titles, which include QuickBooks, TurboTax, and Quicken. As part of that effort, the QuickBooks Online team uses New Relic APM and Insights to keep an eye on what customers using the app are experiencing.

“We’ve been using New Relic for the past two years and it’s been great in helping us identify the changes we need to make for the app to work better,” said Gran Goza, principal application operations engineer for Intuit’s Small Business SaaS offerings.

One of those changes included moving QuickBooks Online into a single-page architecture, one in which the app could now live mostly in the browser and render pages much faster. “Now that the app is no longer going back to the server side to generate and download entire pages, we can just get the data needed from the server side to display in the browser. This greatly reduces the amount of data being sent to the user for each request, from hundreds of kilobytes down to much less than a kilobyte. So users are experiencing much faster response times.”

Gran and other members of the Intuit team were recently at the Velocity conference in Santa Clara showcasing the new QuickBooks Online experience and how they’re using New Relic Insights to ensure optimal performance for its users.

Velocity conference floor

“Because all transactions are automatically feeding into our Insights dashboard, the greatest value that I see is the ability to look very specifically at problem areas in near real time,” Gran said. “We’re able to slice and dice our New Relic APM data to get a closer look at what might be causing the problem, or spot different performance trends that we can use to proactively find and fix emerging issues.”

In addition to using New Relic’s histogram and percentile features to drill into performance problems, Intuit is also starting to explore more business use cases for New Relic’s real-time analytics platform. “For example,” explained Gran, “I can see how using Insights with tagging could help empower our customer care team. They could get additional data to help debug and immediately work with a product engineer to get issues fixed much quicker than before.”

Once Gran’s team familiarizes itself with New Relic Insights a bit more, they plan to expand its usage into payroll and Intuit’s other Small Business offerings. “Although it’s only been a few months,” said Gran, “we’re already seeing actionable data from Insights that we can use to improve our customers’ experiences.”

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Image credit: Asami Novak/New Relic

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