Introducing Unified Transaction Types

We’re excited to announce a great enhancement to the way you view application transactions in New Relic.

The separate pages for web transactions and all other transactions (background tasks) have been consolidated into a single page to provide a consistent experience, no matter the type of transaction. This improves usability and allows you to focus on a single user interface, regardless of which types of transactions your app has. Here’s what the separation looked like before:


The new unified Transactions tab looks like this:


With the new page you can view all transactions mixed together, or you can filter to view specific types of transactions.

Transaction Details

We have also improved the application overview page to better represent applications with little or no web activity.

Application Overview Dashboard

We had a vigorous debate internally about the names for these specific labels because of the limited space and desire to generalize across the many different kinds of applications that are being monitored with New Relic. In the end, we chose “Requests” and “Other transactions” to refer to web-based and non-web activity, respectively.

Transaction Dashboard 2

Customer feedback made it clear that having a consistent experience would be beneficial no matter the type of transaction. What’s more, applications without web activity were underserved by the separation between web transactions and background tasks. We believe these changes are a big step toward addressing the feedback.

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