Instart Logic Is Now a New Relic Platform Partner

For users of SaaS applications, diversity can be daunting. Every useful new tool introduces requisite workflow complexity: another portal interface, another login, another learning curve.

As service providers, the team at Instart Logic (the world’s first software-defined application delivery service) necessarily focuses on our own set of products. But to provide the best customer experience possible, we also need to work together. We need to consider how our tool sets fit into the bigger picture of our customers’ business processes.

A lot of our customers are already using New Relic’s Application Performance Management solution today. Thus, I am glad to announce that Instart Logic is now a New Relic platform partner. Thanks to New Relic’s flexible, open API architecture, joint users of New Relic and Instart Logic can enjoy a little extra convenience. We are excited that Instart Logic is the first application delivery vendor in the New Relic portal.

Instart Logic dashboard data can now be easily added to New Relic with a SaaS plugin. There is no installation required. Data collected by Instart Logic is pushed periodically to New Relic, where it is rendered for consumption alongside all other New Relic data sources—all in the same New Relic portal you are using already.

Instart logic screenshot

Instart Logic is committed to exceptional customer support. We believe in our products, and we know they are part of something bigger. Our recently launched partnership initiative is intended to ensure that we consider our customers’ needs from their perspective, and that we’re able to create customer value across the entire ecosystem in which we operate.

As an added bonus, as a New Relic platform partner, all Instart Logic customers are eligible for a complimentary New Relic Standard account for the lifetime of their services. You can sign up at

For more information on the Instart Logic Dashboard plugin for New Relic or to participate in our partner program, please contact

Guest author Arif Husain is director of business development at Instart Logic. This post is adapted from a post published on the Instart Logic blog.

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