Installing New Relic Plugins with Chef & Puppet

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Installing New Relic plugins is now even easier. We’re excited to announce a new Chef cookbook and Puppet module for installing New Relic supported plugins. Chef and Puppet are configuration management tools that simplify and automate software installation by using reusable configuration scripts.chef

The New Relic Chef cookbook and Puppet module make it easier to install New Relic plugins with required runtime dependencies, such as Java or Ruby. Managing plugins with user permissions and daemon scripts is also easier.

Installing Plugins

Instead of manually downloading, configuring, and running a plugin, use the New Relic Chef cookbook or Puppet module to automate the process!

For example, to install the New Relic Wikipedia example plugin, you can follow these steps. First, install the New Relic Chef cookbook or Puppet module by following the instructions for your version of Chef or Puppet.

Next, configure the cookbook or module to tell it where to install the plugin and to provide the account information it needs to access New Relic.

For Chef, create the following role:

[code class=”ruby plain”]
name "newrelic_wikipedia_example_java_plugin"
description "Server running the New Relic Wikipedia Example Java Plugin"
"newrelic" => {
"license_key" => "NEW_RELIC_LICENSE_KEY",
"wikipedia_example_java" => {
"install_path" => "/path/to/plugin",
"user" => "newrelic"

For Puppet, create the following class:

[code class=”ruby plain”]
class { ‘newrelic_plugins::wikipedia_example_java’:
license_key => ‘NEW_RELIC_LICENSE_KEY’,
install_path => ‘/path/to/plugin’,
user => ‘newrelic’

Then, run Chef or Puppet by following the instructions in Chef’s documentation or Puppet’s documentation. Chef and Puppet will do the rest: downloading and unpacking the plugin, creating all the needed configuration files, and keeping the plugin running with daemon services.

More information is available in our plugin documentation.

Plugin Publishers

Plugin publishers can also get involved by using the New Relic plugin’s Chef cookbook and Puppet module as templates for their own plugin cookbooks and modules. We will soon be hosting a Google Hangout for plugin publishers on the Chef cookbook and Puppet module.

Chef and Puppet Community Sites

The Chef Community and Puppet Forge are great resources for finding existing Chef cookbooks or Puppet modules as well as learning these powerful tools.

Now get going and install those plugins!'

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